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What is the management of social networking sites and what is its importance

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The task of managing social networking sites has become one of the main tasks that can not be dispensed with within any business, no matter its size. Today, there are about 3.78 billion social media users around the world, and this figure is rising annually on a regular basis. Therefore, it is imperative for you to learn how to manage social networks in an effective way to reach the largest number of your potential customers.What is social media management
Social media management is a strategy consisting of a set of steps, including, for example: creating, publishing and analyzing content on social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms. In addition to interacting with users and responding to them in order to strengthen relationships with them. Some free and paid tools can be used in this process to save time and trouble and ameliorate productivity.

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The importance of managing social media sites
The following are the most important advantages of being on social networking sites that your company and business are dating:

1. Increase brand awareness
The increased brand awareness indicator indicates an increase in the numbers of audience and potential customers who recognize your brand as soon as they hear its name. For example: as soon as you see the McDonald’s yellow M, you automatically recognize it due to a previous awareness of the McDonald’s brand. Increasing brand awareness contributes to reaching a new segment of customers who are present on various social media.

2. Keeping the brand in mind
Managing social media accounts helps you connect with your potential customers and your audience every time they log in to their accounts, which makes them feel happy to see new useful and informative content. Thus, over time, it becomes an essential part of their interests on social networks, which enhances the survival of your brand in their minds for a long time.

3. Strengthen human relationships between your customers and your brand
There is a certain negative stereotype among some people on social media related to companies, as some of them believe that these companies are using them only to raise money. But if your company has a presence on social media, this creates a kind of human communication between the brand and the audience, which humanizes this relationship and entails an increase in mutual trust, which entails an increase in the percentage of sales and conversion rates for customers.
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There are numerous tools that enable you to manage all your accounts on social media platforms from one place. It automates tasks for faster and more efficient performance, such as scheduling and organizing publications. The most notable of these tools:

1. The Hootsuite tool
Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools for managing social media accounts, especially in the analysis process. The tool supports more than 35 different social media platforms, and includes several features, the most important of which are measuring ROI, running ads on platforms, the ability to extract keywords suitable for targeting, and other other advantages.

2. The Buffer tool
The Buffer tool is simple and easy to use, suitable for individuals and small businesses to reach their goals via social media platforms. The utility provides powerful technical support to its customers, allows creating and managing advertising campaigns, creating landing pages. In addition to preparing analytics and reports to improve performance and increase followers.

3. Sprout Social Tool
Sprout Social is among the few social media account management tools that offer CRM CRM features, which make it easier for companies to have complete profiles of their customers, helping them to serve better, and build stronger relationships with them. It is characterized by its ability to prepare detailed reports for submission to clients or social media account managers without the need to edit them.

4. The social pilot tool
The Social Pilot tool is one of the best tools suitable for small teams, and allows the ability to manage at least 10 social media accounts with any plan. In addition, you can easily find relevant trending content on social media in various fields through keyword search.

5. The sensible tool
The Sendible tool is the most popular social media account management tool intended for large agencies. It provides many features, the most important of which are integration options with a large number of different tools and platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Canva Canva, Google Drive, Google Analytics tool, in addition to WordPress, and others.

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