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How to harness email marketing to increase your sales

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You may think that the time of email marketing is over or is breathing its last breath, but in fact, many stores and startups are showing renewed interest in email marketing as an effective means of marketing and reaching the maximum amount of visitors, and even converting them into potential customers that contribute to increasing their sales. So you have to ask yourself, Are you using email marketing to improve the status of your store If you’re not doing it, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to increase your store’s sales and turn visitors into potential buyers.

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What is email marketing
Email marketing is one of the most effective and efficient marketing strategies, which is sending promotional messages that may contain offers, tips or news to your mailing list, which is a list containing data and email addresses belonging to people who have registered for your mailing list.

In terms of e-commerce, email marketing is used to increase sales and increase potential buyers from the store, by sending offers to store visitors or others who have left their shopping cart neglected for a while, or even indirectly by sending mailings containing the latest offers offered by your store along with some useful tips for visitors.

Recently, email marketing has moved from sending random messages to the whole mailing list to sending personalized messages addressed to each specific person, which makes those messages more effective. Perhaps the biggest advantage of e-mail is that it is a promotional Medium that can be fully controlled by the sender, as he can control the content of the message and change it however he wants and whenever he wants, and this is shown in the best possible way when sending personalized promotional messages.

The importance of email marketing for the success of your store
Most visitors to your store-even visitors who have been carefully targeted by your advertising campaigns – may never return to your store again, unless you do what attracts them to come back again. Building mailing lists, sending promotional messages and offers helps you keep the visitors you have worked so hard to attract to your e-store.

And you should know that Email marketing isn’t only erected around developing the right marketing strategies, but it’s  also erected around choosing the right time to apply those strategies.

For example, if you send appropriate promotional messages based on the right strategies but at the wrong time, this may not only cost you the loss of some customers and potential buyers, but thereby direct them towards competitors. However, if you choose the right time to send these messages, you will get a permanent customer with loyalty to your store. But how is email marketing the key to the success of your store.

Email marketing helps you make a long– term relationship with guests

If you are looking to get more visitors to your online store, you are most likely turning to social media marketing or search engine optimization (SEO). But if your goal is to build a long-term relationship with visitors, or strengthen that relationship and turn them into regular customers, email marketing is the perfect way to do it.

Email marketing plays a vital role in encouraging customers to make the second purchase or the next, and helps to increase the customer retention rate, thereby reducing the cost of acquiring new customers.

Emails help you personally provide the necessary care and care to customers if you use the right tools to do this. It may also help you find new visitors and customers to your store, as well as keep previous customers in touch with you. To do this, you will only need to develop the appropriate strategies, but after you have developed those strategies and before pressing the Submit button you will need to ask yourself the following questions:

Will this message benefit your long-term goals Or will it only benefit short-term goals?
Does the content of the message provide real value to this potential client to whom you are sending the message?
How attractive is the content of the letter to this addressee Or are you sending the same message to everyone?
More effective emails to increase sales
The past years have witnessed the emergence of many new marketing methods that leave the electronic marketer confused in choosing the ideal combination of marketing strategies that achieve the greatest benefit and return for his brand But even with the advent of all those marketing channels, email marketing still occupies a distinct position among the best of those marketing channels.

Email marketing has been achieving the best return on investment for 10 consecutive years, and statistics say that every dollar spent on email marketing campaigns earns 38 US dollars. Despite the huge spread of social networks in recent years, email marketing brings new visitors and customers 40 times better than social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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