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Types of email marketing messages that you will send to your mailing list

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It is important from the very beginning to plan the variety of emails that you send to your mailing list subscribers

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there are three main classifications of e-commerce-related emails, they are as follows:

-Abandoned shopping cart
-Offers and promotional messages
-log and informational content

1Abandoned shopping cart
Reports indicate that almost 70% of e-store shopping baskets are abandoned by buyers and do not complete the purchase process.there are many reasons why a buyer abandons the shopping cart after choosing products and intending to buy, perhaps the biggest reason behind this is competitive prices in other stores, lack of confidence in your store, or uncertainty about whether he really needs these products.

This type of follow-up communication is transferred to those people who abandoned their shopping carts after they reached the final step.

These messages are intended to remind them of these abandoned vehicles and direct them to them again, in addition to motivating them to complete the purchase. So be sure to attach photos of abandoned products in those carts, along with links that make it easier for customers to head to their shopping cart with one click.

2. Offers and promotional messages
This type of e-mail is sent to all subscribers of your mailing list, or sometimes to a specific segment within your mailing list. These messages may contain information about new products, such as: discount codes and offers that apply if they go directly from these messages to buy, seasonal offers or product updates and news.

You should think about sending promotional messages when you have something or important news that you want to tell your customers about, so think carefully about your goals behind these messages, choose the appropriate segment to receive the message, and calculate the profit margin of the store well before sending discounts and offers so that you are sure you can afford these discounts without losing.

To achieve the best results from promotional messages, try to customize the messages as much as possible to match the quality of the products you offer, and suit the segment of customers to whom you send these messages.

As well as in proportion to your pretensions that you seek to achieve from your marketing campaigne .

3. Blog and useful content
If you use content marketing strategies and seek to publish informative content on your blog in order to educate and enrich visitors and customers with useful content, and also seek to appear in the first results of search results pages in various search engines, you are already attracting those who are looking for this informational content, so you should keep this in mind when choosing the content of emails that you will send to subscribers of your mailing list.

Blog content helps the online store gain customers ‘ trust, whether you send blog articles, newsletters, or even send downloadable content such as brochures, etc., this content reminds your customers that you are not only here to sell them products, but you help them in the purchase process in general and send them useful content whether they decide to buy from your store or not.

To gain the trust of new subscribers to your mailing list, you can send a personalized welcome message to each of them individually.welcome messages are usually used to provide a quick overview about your store and about what you offer to those who have decided to subscribe to your mailing list.

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Email marketing factors
Today’s customers are surrounded by information and promotional messages from all directions and humps, and what email marketers are looking for is to get the attention of subscribers to the list to read what was written in the messages, and the percentage of opening messages can be increased by several methods, including:

Allocation and diagnostics
If your store offers a different range of products, then you need to customize your mailing list, and customization means doing more than one mailing list based on the interests of each category of customers. If you sell clothes, perhaps it would be preferable to make a list for men and another for women and children, and if you sell books, it is preferable to offer the subscriber a statement from which to find out the topics he is interested in, and put him in a mailing list of his interests (novels, self-development, sales,… etc.).

And with each list you will send a different series of mailings, in which you attract the customer to make a smooth and smart purchase decision. Customization will save you a lot of effort and money in email marketing. Also, do not forget to start the letter with his first name to give him more personalization in the appeal.

Messages with personalized content are opened and read 26% more often than generic duplicate messages, and marketers found that the return from personalized messages is 760% more than before. For illustration, you can start your communication with “ Dear Ahmed ” rather of “ dear reader ” and therefore get further attention from the reader.

Keep the design of your message simple and not exaggerated, it is better to have texts than images (80% texts and 20% images), see below an example of the best design for messages, notice how to format the message so that it is simple and clear to see.

Choosing the right address
You should choose the appropriate address that attracts the user to open your message and choose it from dozens of promotional messages that he receives daily, but do not exaggerate and choose unrealistic or Unreal addresses so as not to lose credibility and the client avoids your messages later.

Brevity and focus
You don’t know if the target user has enough time to read your message or not, so you should shorten and focus in your message on what you want to deliver specifically and not flatter and go beyond lengthening messages.

Choosing a link location
And because you do not guarantee whether the user will continue reading the message or not, you should put the link in the middle of the message to avoid not being seen by the client. You can also use the Call to Action buttons to increase the CTR or click rate of your marketing campaign emails

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