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Simple steps to write a list article that tops the search results

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Does the list article have a place in the world of high-quality content A question raised by the stereotype of him in which he appears as a simple and superficial easy-to-read content. The answer that we will find out now is yes. It doesn’t just take you to open an empty text document and list a bunch of items for the essay to be ready. Writing a list article that people really want to read and attracts large numbers of traffic requires much more effort. What is a menu article?

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A list essay is an essay grounded on a list of several particulars, each item is talked about with fresh information to educate or entertain the anthologysimilar to “7 Steps to Creating a Website” or “Top 10 Games of 2021”. Writing a list essay is one of the tasks that the content writer likes because the essay system is already defined (introduction, list of items, and conclusion). But she is loved more by the audience for the following reasons:

1. Attracts more segments of readers
The segments of readers with short and distracted attention and other readers who are not enthusiastic about reading comprehensive guides and fat articles, as well as readers who do not have time to read an extensive article at the moment, all these segments are attracted by menu articles. For example, the article “How to upgrade to Windows 11 in five steps” will be more attractive than the article “your detailed guide to Upgrading to Windows 11”.

2. Helps the reader understand what he wants
Suppose you found in the Google search results the following two headings:” 12 practical tips in email marketing” and” How to use an email marketing strategy”. You will most likely choose the first article because the specified number of information will make reading easier.

3. Get more shares on social platforms
On social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the odds of sharing listings articles with friends and followers are increasing because we expect that they are light-density pieces of content that people will like to click and read.

How to write a list essay in 8 steps
1. Choose a topic that people are looking for
In most cases, it will be required that the listing article attracts traffic from search engines, so you should choose a topic that people are looking for. Use a keyword tool like Google Keyword Tool and Ahrefs to discover related keywords and a set of sub-keyword ideas sorted by the search volume.

This is followed by determining the suitability of the topic to write about it in the form of an “essay list”, as there are topics that do not fit this, such as “entrepreneurship”, where people are looking for an understanding of what entrepreneurship means. If you are in doubt about the topic’s relevance, Google the topic and notice the search results that appear.

Google displays the best results that researchers want to see, so if the results include list articles, this is an indication that the topic you have chosen fits the list article format, such as searching for “tourist destinations” as in the image. But if the case needs to be told as a story so that it is difficult to write about it in the form of an existing article, innovation may devise a solution to this challenge.

2. Choose the processing angle
It is possible to process the articles of the lists from different angles, of which we mention:

The best: the 5 best mid-price smartphones
Expert tips: 13 expert tips for the perfect skincare
For beginners: 7 books for beginners in marketing that explain the basics of the field and its latest theories
Comparisons: 5 free SEO tools that will help you develop your blog
The most famous: the 8 most famous Arab and Muslim scholars in history
If you are confused about the treatment angle, do you write about the best, the easiest, the lowest price… etc. You can infer from the search results the most popular processing angles because, as we have indicated, they reflect the preferences of the public. For example, the results of travel advice tend to be based on the personal experiences of travelers, while most of the results of “slimming methods” focus on highways.

There may be some ambiguity, for example, in decoration ideas, you may notice that the results are presented in more than one angle (low cost – easy – creative) as in the photo, in this case, choose a processing angle that can fulfill what the reader promises and avoid using misleading headlines (clickbait) while writing the list article.

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